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30 March 2009 @ 09:57 am
I have never gotten my car broken into...until this weekend. Thanks for the warm welcome, Dallas!!
25 March 2009 @ 04:56 pm
Welp...here I am sitting in Midlothian, TX after living in Austin for 6 years, Atlanta for 2 years, then Chicago for 8 months, I have somehow made it back to the homeland.

It's weird being back in the DFW area and I'm not sure what to think of it yet. While I am very familiar with all of the places I have lived, I know the least about DFW. This is probably because when growing up here, I never really got out and experienced the city. The most exciting thing we did was go to the mall in Arlington or the movies in Grand Prairie. It will certainly be interesting figuring out just what DFW means to me as an adult.

We don't have a place to live yet...we will probably get a place May 1. For now I am at my parents' house which is SUPER weird. I don't have a warm and fuzzy family, but the loud, annoying family and it's hard being back here.
19 May 2008 @ 11:06 pm
In January of 2008 I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. For those of you who really want to dig into it, you can go here. It's a chronic, auto-immune disease where your intestines become inflamed. They don't know what causes it and there is no cure. For me it basically means abdominal cramps, diarrhea and general discomfort. Because it is an auto-immune disease it can also manifest itself in other parts of the body, most likely in the joints.

Before I get into the details, let me first say that Crohn's affects the part of your body that our society tends to shun. Yes, there is the book "Everyone Poops" and there's a catchy diarrhea song but apparently girls never fart and even if they do, it definitely smells like rainbows and marshmallows. If you do not want to know the workings of my lower area, I would stop reading now.

Before all this started to happen I had a great digestive system. I could eat anything I wanted and my bowel movements were great, for lack of a better word. I rarely had constipation or diarrhea.

Let me start from the beginning. Right before Thanksgiving I started having awful gas. Like, surely my colon is rotting from the inside, gas. For Thanksgiving I planned a trip to Colorado to visit my aunt and uncle. My parents went as well but Walker did not. The first night we got there we went to a restaurant, I had chicken and mashed potatoes, nothing big. For some reason that did NOT sit well with me. It basically felt like the food was just sitting in my stomach like a rock. The rest of the night I just laid in a recliner. I was still having really bad gas which is pretty uncomfortable when you are staying at someone else's house. The next day I got up and my mom and I went to Golden, Co. I was feeling so bad that day that we tracked down a doctor in the area. I get to the doctor and he says that I should stop eating lactose and gluten because I could be intolerant of either of them. You would think if someone delivered news like that, it would have been derived from solid medical examination. Nope, all he did was feel my stomach and told me I was constipated. He recommended taking milk of magnesia and not eating gluten or dairy products. Sorry, you just don't TELL someone that...and during Thanksgiving! So the rest of the week I tried my best to avoid both of those things. For Thanksgiving all I had was a little turkey and a little bit of potatoes...woo hoo! The next morning after Thanksgiving I took the milk of magnesia...boy was THAT a bad idea. I had diarrhea for pretty much 4 hours straight...and this was the day I was supposed to go skiing. It's not very fun to be running to the bathroom while you are trying to ski. Especially with all the ski gear on. Needless to say it was a crappy week.

Flash-forward a couple of weeks and Walker and I are on vacation, first going to Philly, then NYC, then Boston. You would think this would have been a great time, but as usual I was feeling like crap. One of the biggest problems was that since I was having diarrhea, my body was not absorbing the necessary nutrients to function. I was tired and cranky and by this time, I had completely lost my appetite. I'm also still having awful gas. Directly following this trip, we went to Austin for my company's Christmas party. I decide to go to the doctor there too. They weren't sure what I had, but they sent me to get a sonogram of my pelvic and stomach area. Everything came back normal.

So after the holidays I finally find a gastroenterologist in Atlanta. I am kind of like a guy when it comes to my health, I ignore symptoms until I can barely handle it anymore. Since Walker is such a supportive husband, he goes with me. We get there and I run through all of my past experiences with them. They ask me if I have blood in my stool. I said no, because I never saw any. They recommend that they check just in case. Because if I do, then things are more serious than they thought. So how do they check this you might ask? Oh, they stick their fingers up your butt and gather a "specimen". This was my quick introduction into other people touching my butt. And the best thing was Walker was there to experience it with me! The test came back positive. It was then recommended that I have a colonoscopy to check things out. The thing that sucks about a colonoscopy is not the procedure itself, but the prep-work. You have to completely clean out your colon. This means taking a diuretic. There is nothing weirder than having pure liquid come out of your butt. They put me out for the procedure which is awesome...I love anesthesia. I wake up and my doctor delivers the news. I have Crohn's. Oh, by the way it has no cure. Great!

Next entry - Dealing with Crohn's.
03 March 2007 @ 03:34 am
Fun new twist on the blog.

10 February 2007 @ 01:03 am

Since I was in Odyssey of the Mind in 5th grade (yes, we thought we were cool!), I have always thought I was creative. Being in "Eagle" classes ("special" classes for those of us in middle school that were more creatively inclined, now I think it was just a way to protect our dorky bodies from the pummeling of bullies) made me think this even more. It has taken me a few years, but I think I may not be as creative as my 14 year old mind thought I was. Why do I feel like art is completely meaningless? Why do I feel like almost every art opening I go to it only confirms how ridiculously stupid art is?

Thankfully tonight wasn't like this. I actually enjoyed some of the pieces. We first went to TEW Gallery. We went there to see one of Walker's painter friends. She only had 2 pieces up this time so she isn't on their website but they said she will have a full exhibition in the summer. The gallery alone was beautiful. It was a 3-story house. Anyway, I am excited to see her other pieces. I'm not an art person at all so I'm sure I will describe it all wrong. They are painted canvases but she also stitched some parts. It was also cool because next to certain parts of the painting she had numbers and down below she had explanations of what was going on. I'll have to post a picture once I get ahold of one.

After that gallery we went to the Push-Pin show which basically meant artists paid $5 to put up some of their work. The work will be up for about a week and all items are available for sale. Most people had serious work but this one girl had a 4x6 snapshot of herself titled "Just Me" quotes and all. It was pretty funny and totally what I would have done. Now that I think of it, I should have put up a picture of my dogs, I could probably get at least $2...

Anyway, Walker is editing a video of the whole night and it will be up at Photo Awesome shortly.
09 February 2007 @ 12:32 am
This company is awesome! We got home one night with a giant black box resting on our door. On the front in big yellow letters it said "To: Stacy, From: Stacy". Inside I found the greatest Stacy love ever (not Stacey or Stacie).

Stacy's Pita Chips sent every Stacy in America a box of their chips. We got 4 small bags and then one big bag of chips all in different flavors. Maybe it's because I was one of the 133,000 Stacys to receive this stuff, but I think this is the most ingenious marketing plan ever! With the chips came a sticker that says "I'm a real Stacy" as well as a form you could fill out where they will send the same samples to one of your friends.

Stacys rock!
15 January 2007 @ 03:27 pm
Where I am now:


Where I am supposed to be tomorrow:


This should be interesting...
There is a cutting new technology out in the world today. No, it's not the iPhone or AppleTV.

It is the glorious invention of the toaster oven. While some of you may have experienced the oven that toasts a long time ago (the first toaster oven was made in 1956 by GE), my first exposure was in 2005, when I started working at my current job. When I saw this contraption at work I must admit I was first intimidated by it's shiny surface and it's complete disregard for the necessity of conforming to a microwave, a toaster, or an oven. I stepped closer to it and thought to myself, can you put foil in this? I had to call on my co-workers to let me know that yes, foil can go into it. I knew foil couldn't be put into a microwave a long time ago but was reminded of this when at my previous job I placed a Freebird's burrito with a hidden piece of foil hidden deep inside of it's tortilla, into the microwave. This merely caused a small fire and a burnt burrito. Upon hearing I could put foil into the toaster oven, my heart rejoiced.

When we moved to Atlanta and I had to abandon the toaster oven, I forgot all about it. It wasn't until we received a toaster oven for Christmas that I truly began to appreciate the T.O. (that's my nickname for it even though this is the first time I've used it). Life has never been the same. We use the T.O. at least once a day to heat up things such as frozen chicken and cookies...and did I mention it has CONVECTION. For the good love, I need to go put something into it now...
23 November 2006 @ 03:33 am
I want to post what all is in my RSS Feed Reader. I am doing this because I want to know what or who I should add to my list to begin reading daily.

In no particular oder (I used to know the html that opens links in new windows but I'm too lazy to look it up right now. Sorry about me forcing you to hit your back button to get back to this post as you are clicking-through):

Slashdot - I rarely read through all of the articles on here anymore. I will usually have about 50 unread at a time.
Dooce - Chuck is my absolute favorite. Every single thing he does cracks me up.
Creating Passionate Users - A blog about business and your customers
Lifehacker - This site always has pretty cool stuff to waste your time on
Fox News Life Section - Where I keep up on all of the important news like that the Britney/K-Fed sex tape is non-existent
Seth Godin's Blog - Great author who talks about marketing
Army of Mom - The first of the parent blogs I read. I don't know how I got started reading parent bloggers but now I'm invested in their life so I have to read. She lives in the Dallas area.
Blurbomat - Dooce's husband's blog
Fox Health Section - So I can keep up on the latest diseases or so I can keep up on the newest health breakthroughs like fast food can lead to obesity!
PostSecret - Site where anonymous postcards are sent in listing secrets...hence PostSecret
Amalah - Another parent blogger but she is hilarious and her kid is adorable
A Day in the Night - Another mom blog but she used to be a stripper and she lives in Houston
43 Folders - Similar to Lifehacker
Make Austin Normal - enough said
Wonkerjaw - One of Walker's friends from Austin
Pammiecakes - I think Sondra may have gotten me started on this one but I don't remember
CrazyWalker - Walker's blog
365-24-7 - This is a blog of a girl who also was in Phi Lamb and was the webmaster for the Phi Lamb Texas Tech chapter. She usually has pretty insightful stuff about God.
Accidental Julie - *Edit* I started reading her site because we had talked briefly about the Austin's Children Museum (we both got married there), I've been hooked ever since!
veryGEORGE! - Dooce's cousin
Wired News - tech geek stuff
The Blogfathers - dad bloggers, started reading this one because Dad Gone Mad posts on it
Daily Oliver - Daily picture of weimaraners. I think I started watching this because Walker used to read the textism website. I stayed for the dogs.
Snarkywood - This site is hilarious but they don't post regularly. They usually focus on making fun of one celebrity. Amalah and Dad Gone Mad post to it
My Beloved Monster and Me - Dad blogger. Sondra led me to him because he was originally from Austin.
Waiter Rant - Benay showed me this one. It is about the life of a NY waiter at a fancy restaurant
Beyond Monochrome - Site where Walker posts pictures
Blog Maverick - Mark Cuban's blog. I read it because I think he makes some great posts about business
TVGasm - Weekly summaries of tv shows and other stuff
Dad Gone Mad - Dad blogger who is hilarious
The Sarcastic Journalist - another mom blogger
Free iTunes Downloads - blog about exactly that
MamaPop - New site that talks about pop-culture
Kerflop - another mom blog
Steve Aishman Photography - Walker's professor

Other things I read but have no RSS feed:
Atlanta Metroblogging - a site where I can pick up some random info about Atlanta
Bry-Bry.net Forum - My friend Bryan's site
My LiveJournal friends that I check on constantly through-out the day
Best Page in the Universe - enough said

RIP - MindMatter

Congratulations if you made it to the end. I hope you clicked on a few links and found some new interesting stuff to read. Let me know if there is any site or person that I should be reading.

Oh yeah...Happy Thanksgiving. Walker and I will be driving to Greenville, SC to spend the day with Walker's step-mom's sister and her husband.
23 November 2006 @ 02:55 am
I can't sleep tonight. It may have been the fact that I haven't had coffee in about 3 months and tonight I got a peppermint mocha from Starbucks.

We bought these blue disposable Solo cups. We bought them because Walker for some odd reason likes to eat cereal out of a glass at all times. And when he is running late he will always take the glass with him and then leave it in his car to develop mold for a couple of days. Not to mention that the sound of a spoon clanking against a glass every time you make a turn is incredibly annoying.

So we have these cups and I've started using them around the house because it makes me feel like I am at a party and/or social gathering.